If Not a BIA Survey, What? (Part 1)

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Survey has evolved over time into an often massive undertaking.  Organizations devote 6 months or more to determining the Survey questions, distribution, collection, collation, analysis – and the inevitable follow-ups to resolve discrepancies, anomalies and misconceptions.  Upon completion, not only are the results suspect (see my original article) but during […]

A response to ‘A methodological approach for developing a business impact analysis’

Here is a vote for OUT to the BIA. Linstedt represents the new BC practices in claiming the BIA is more easily accomplished and hasgreater relevancy using non-traditional methods. In a recent Continuity Central article Dr. Alberto G. Alexander set out nine methodological steps for developing a  business impact analysis (BIA). David Lindstedt has submitted a […]

Helping employees after an incident: traumatic stress reactions – looking under the surface

Business as usual does not commence once an incident is over and business processes are running normally: the impacts on employees may just be starting. Dr Liz Royle provides some guidance on this difficult area… Following a potentially traumatic incident in the workplace such as a sudden death, serious accident, violence or ‘near-miss’, the responsibility […]

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